Get Free PS Classic Games In PS Home

ps home games

Right now through PlayStation Home you can complete two quests to obtain four PS One Classic games(for use on your PS3, PS Vita, and PSP) and some digital items for Blacklight Retribution and Warframe, in addition to several clothes and prop items for PS Home.  ATTENTION- I have no idea of an expiration date, so get it while its hot.


Here are what you can get by completing these quests (hover over the pics to get detailed info):

Obviously to start with you will have to load up PS Home.  From there you will want to navigate to the Explore Hub and select The Quest for Greatness – Episode 2.  Then all you will have to do is follow Your PS Home‘s convenient walkthrough video that walks you through all of the steps to acquire all of the cards that Toro requests from you to unlock the items and games.  Here is the vid.

External Link

For the next grouping of free items you will want to navigate back the hub and enter The Hub, and from there enter The PS4 Experience building to your right.  Once inside follow this guide HERE.  Use the pictures as a step-by-step walkthrough and you will have the rest of your free items in about five minutes.

This is an awesome way if you own a PS3 to get a bunch of free games and rewards that it seems no one is talking about.  If anyone has any issues throw me a line in the comments and I will try to help you out.  ATTENTION- I have no idea of an expiration date, so get it while its hot.

Additionally while downloading these four games to my Vita I found out something horrible, the system can only have 100 apps/games downloaded and installed on the system at any time.   Any others past that will get downloaded but they will not show up till you clear out additional app space and restart the system.  This is very disappointing and an odd decision.   I only have a 32GB memory card with 4GB of space left, what happens when I get the 64GB memory card?  Guess what, you will have more space but still the same limitation.


I like having all of my games and apps downloaded onto the device, even the ones I do not play, or play regularly, as this comes from my need to preserve what I own regardless of whether there is a server to download it from.  Heck I still have my Xbox 360 250GB hard drive from my old broken console with every game downloaded to it.  Does this bother you as it bothers me?  Let me know in the comments.

Enjoy the free games guys!  Let me know in the comments if you got them.  Enjoy!


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